San Pedro Sula

The city is located in the northwest corner of the country, in the Valle de Sula (Sula Valley), about 60 kilometres (37 mi) south of Puerto Cortés on the Caribbean Sea. With an estimated population of one million in the main municipality, and 1,445,598 in its metro area (2010), it is the second largest city, after the capital Tegucigalpa. It is the capital of the Cortés Department.

San Pedro is the business and industrial capital of Honduras. The nation's engine room, the city generates almost two-thirds of the country’s GDP, with thousands employed in giant maquila (clothes-weaving) factories. Its restaurants and nightlife arguably outstrip those in the capital.
And as San Pedro's international airport is Honduras' main entry point and its bus station a crucial hub for travellers, you're very likely to pass through.

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