Boquete is Panama's premier mountain tourism destination and rated as one of the best places in the world for a second homes and retirement. Located close to the Costa Rica border, the dominating presence is Volcan Baru, a 11,400 ft. inactive volcano which towers over the area providing majestic views everywhere and a rich volcanic soil for the lush flor and fauna. Tourism attractions include mountain scenery, a wide range of attractive accomodations from resorts to ecolodges, world-class rafting and kayaking, golf, coffee farm tours, birdwatching, hiking, horseback riding, a zipline canopy tour, year-round Spring weather and a friendly populace.
The small town of Boquete has a wide range of hotel choices, services, restaurants and souvenir stores. You can stay in the town itself or in a hotel on the outskirts or overlooking this lush valley. Boquete used to be a "best kept secret".
How To Get There
By air, car or bus. You can fly Air Panama or Aeroperlas from Albrook Airport to the nearby city of David. Airfares are around $195 round trip.
From David, you can rent a car or take a 45 minute taxi ride to Boquete for about $45.00 plus taxes and insurance. You can drive. It's an easy 7 hour car trip from Panama City. You can also take a bus ($25) from the Albrook Bus Terminal in Panama City that will take you to David and from their you can take another bus or a taxi to Boquete.
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