Panama City

Sure to be the most cosmopolitan capital in Central America.Gateway to Latin America and a vibrant destination in its own right, Panama City is a thriving center for international banking and trade. Scattered throughout the city lie colonial neighborhoods, monolithic skyscrapers and windswept ruins of old Spanish settlements.
Visitors to Panama City are often amazed by the colonial district of Casco Viejo, a dilapidated neighborhood of historic buildings and cobbled streets reminiscent of old Havana. Crumbling on the edge of the sea for decades, Casco Viejo is priming itself to charm and enchant visitors once more.

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Birding Pipeline Road

Early in the morning after breakfast depart to Pipeline Road located in the Soberania National Park..


Boat Tour at Gatun Lake & Hiking the Soberania Ntl Park

At 8.00AM you will be met in the lobby by an EcoCircuitos naturalist guide where you will receive a..


Caribbean Excursion in Isla Grande

Leave Panama City early in the morning to reach Isla Grande, located on the Caribbean coast. You wi..


El Valle Hiking or Birding Tour

This excursion begins at 8:00 AM with a two-hour drive along the Pan-American Highway to the beauti..


Indigenous Encounter at the Chagres Ntl Park

This adventure leads us to the indigenous community encounter at the Chagres National Park, where w..


Morning Hike in the Rainforest

This tour is designed for business travelers with limited time who want to see Panama’s tropical ra..


Panama City & Rainforest Tour

At 6.00 AM you will head to the Metropolitan Natural Park and you will enjoy birdwatching on a shor..


Panama Folkloric Dinner & Show

Las Tinajas Restaurant, an oasis of flavour and folklore, typical of the countryside, is located in..


Wildlife Observation at the Panama Rainforest Discovery Center

Early in the morning you will be met in the lobby by an EcoCircuitos naturalist guide where you wil..