Emotions of Brazil 2021

 You will experience a jaguar safari on a plane and  a boat, a descent into the heart of the earth on a rope, mysterious  paradise caves hidden behind waterfalls, unique nature, snorkeling in a beautiful river with fish of unique colors, rafting, canopy adventure on the tops of trees, accommodation in a Spa hotel on wine estates, a helicopter flight over the canyons, a picnic at the very edge of the canyon, caipirinha making master- class, and a boat safari on the widest waterfalls in the world!

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Rio de Janeiro


Fairmont Copacabana Deluxe ocean view BB



Pousada Porto Jofre STD DBL FB



Arte de natureza private pool suite BB

Foz do Iguacu


Belmond das Cataratas deluxe falls view BB

Porto Alegre


Sheraton Porto Alegre Deluxe BB

Cambara do sul


Parador Cambara do Sul Suite BB

Beto Gonsalves


Hotel & Spa do Vinho STD BB

Day 1. Rio de Janeiro
Arrival at Rio de Janeiro airport. You will be met by a guide at the airport. Transfer to the hotel. On the way to the hotel, our guide will briefly tell you about the city, answer your questions, and help you with currency exchange or purchase a local SIM card. During the entire program, we and our guides are ready to fulfill any of your requests! You will have the rest of the day free to enjoy the first impressions of the marvelous city of Rio de Janeiro. You can get this chance to see and feel the exciting life of the city or get relaxed among the palm trees drinking coconut water and listening to samba. Whatever you choose – you can find it easily in Rio! Blue ocean water will call you to the beach. The most popular beaches - Copacabana, Ipanema and Leblon, are famous for their black and white tiled promenade. From early morning to late in the night you can see people playing soccer and volleyball on the golden sand of the beaches. Numerous open cafeterias on the beach will offer you refreshing coconut water, freshly squeezed juices and other drinks. You can also see presentations of local musicians on the beach playing all kinds of music. Accommodation at Fairmont Copacabana.
Day 2. Rio de Janeiro – Sugar Loaf mountain (4 hours)
After breakfast a half-day guided excursion to the Sugar Loaf is planned. The first stop is on Urca Mountain, with a wide viewing area, where you can eat in the restaurant or bar. On the mountain of Sugar Loaf you will have a beautiful view of Rio, Copacabana beach, the bay, the surrounding mountains, islands in the ocean, bridge Niteroi, and the statue of Christ on Corcovado Mountain. Then you will go by car to the central regions of the old Rio, where you will admire several old churches, monasteries, the main cathedral of the city, as well as buildings built in the colonial style. Optionally: Flying over Rio by Helicopter You will take a helicopter tour from the Sugarloaf mountain. During your flight you will get amazed by the mind blowing view of the city below with its infinite beaches, huge Christ statue, Botanical Garden and many more. Duration: 10-30 minutes
Day 3. Rio de Janeiro-Corcovado and Christ the Redeemer Statue (4 hours)
After a delicious breakfast in your hotel, you will head out on a trip to see the world-famous Christ the Saviour statue on top of Corcovado Mountain. A specially designed train will take you from the foot of the mountain along a winding road through the magical Tijuca rainforest where you will see some of the enchanting tropical wildlife on constant display in Rio, such as toucans, monkeys and armadillos. At the summit of Corcovado, 700m above sea level, proudly stands the iconic image seen around the world – a 38m high statue of Christ the Saviour. But that is not the only breathtaking thing about this place – when up close to the statue you will be overwhelmed by the stunning panoramic view of the city, so high up it seems as though you are truly flying with the birds around you. From the far reaches of Guanabara Bay, to the Maracanã Stadium, all along to Sugarloaf Mountain, Copacabana, Ipanema and Gávea Mountain, you can see the whole of Rio de Janeiro. Evening will be quite attractive when you take part in Caipirinha cocktail master – class. Caipirinha is the main drink of Brazil which is very popular with both locals and tourists! It is prepared from Cachaça. There are different types of Cachaça. The most expensive Cachaça resembles whiskey or cognac, and it has a color of weak tea with lemon. White Cachaça is usually sold in standard glass bottles with a tin stopper. During the master- class, you will learn the secrets of making this famous cocktail. And, of course, you will try it! The master -class takes place on the roof of one of the coastal hotels with a city view
Day 4. Rio de Janeiro- the Pantanal
Breakfast at the hotel. Transfer to the airport for the flight to Cuiaba. From Cuiaba you will have an unforgettable flight over the Pantanal in a small airplane, Cessna 206 // 210 or a Piper Arrow. The Pantanal is a unique nature reserve in Brazil, an incredible natural open field area abounding with extraordinary wildlife and nature. After crossing the mountains, the pilot will descend into the Pantanal plain, flying low at only 600 feet over the wetlands. This will give you a good overview of the landscape: forested islands, lagoons, lakes, oxbows, channels and the scattered ranchsteads built on the highest grounds to avoid the annual flooding. From the airplane one can spot marsh deer, capybaras, pekaris and bigger flocks of birds. Arrival at Porto Jofre. It is a spot where a great number of jaguars are in their natural habitat. Here you will have a day full of adventures: a jeep safari and a boat trip. Along the way, you are very likely to meet jaguars! Lunch and dinner are included. Overnight at Pousada Porto Jofre.
Day 5. The Pantanal-Bonito
After breakfast you will enjoy a morning jaguar safari. Then transfer to the plane station for your flight to Bonito. Bonito is one of the most popular ecotourism destinations in Brazil. In Portuguese, the word Bonito means beautiful, too modest to describe the totality of the beauty of this exotic area. The natural beauties in Bonito include caverns with deep azure lakes inside, incredibly clear rivers that work as natural aquariums, hundreds of waterfalls and much more. Bonito is a unique place where you will be able to see the beautiful composition that stalactites and stalagmites make on the ceiling of the caves, as well as down the water of the big lakes formed inside them.
Day 6. Bonito
Breakfast at the hotel. The Snorkelling tour is made on the river source of the Rio Sucuri; it begins on the east of the river. The trek is made for 400m inside the forest having the opportunity to see the principal river sources that appear on the way to the platform allowed to get into the water and to go down the river for 1.800m. You will have the opportunity to see some fishes, animals and a lot of subaquatic vegetation. Then you will do rafting on a mountain river on Boia cross, special inflatable circles. Located over 6 Km from Bonito-MS, the Tree climbing - Cabanas tour happens on a circuit with 18 obstacles and 2 ziplines, one of them is available to dive on the Rio Formoso. Tour counts with a security system with a continue lifeline, in which the visitor will be always connected while passing the obstacles. The visitor will have the opportunity to enjoy the view from the bottom of the trees, to pass through different obstacles and with a little luck to watch some animals.
Day 7. Bonito
After breakfast, we will go to Abismo Anhumas, located 20 km west of Bonito, which is like a trip to the center of the Earth! This is a 72-meter chasm that ends in an underground lake, where incredible stalactite formations live. The first part of the exercise is a descent of 5 meters through a narrow gap in the ground. Then the chasm is getting wider, and a giant crater opens up under your feet: a 72-meter descent leads to a crystal-clear lake where you can go snorkeling. In addition to the amazing experience of descending into one of the largest underwater caves in Brazil, this is a very exclusive experience: only two groups of eight people descend per day.
Day 8. Bonito - Iguazu
After breakfast, visit to the Estancia Mimosa Farm. At the main ranch house, after a warm welcome, it's time to go for a fascinating walk through the gallery forest on the Mimoso River. During the trail, there are ten waterfalls, nine of them available to swim and some others to contemplate. The visitor will have the opportunity to enjoy the waterfalls and the rocks formations through the way around the Rio Mimoso; there is also a natural deep pool to jump from a 5 meters platform and the chance of going through passages and observatories inside the forest near to the river. After hiking, a delicious lunch is served in the main building, and then you can relax in the hammocks. In the evening, transfer to the Campo Grande airport for your flight to Iguazu. Pick up and transfer to Belmond das Cataratas Hotel.
Day 9. Foz do Iguacu
After breakfast, your guide picks you up at the hotel for a full day adventure in Foz do Iguacu. Today you will have an excursion to the Brazilian side of the falls. A tranquil and calming walk along the edge of the falls provides the most spectacular view you have ever seen; over 250 overflowing with millions of gallons of water racing furiously down straight from the Amazon River. The sunlight flashing off the water has the mesmerising effect of creating hundreds of rainbows as far as the eye can see. It is almost hard to believe, such is the breathtaking beauty of the rainforest paradise. After taking in the incredible views, the path takes you to the eye of the storm, the largest waterfall in the park, The Devil’s Throat. Water crashes off an 80m cliff edge into the Iguazu River, but you have the chance to meet the water via a walkway that leads you into the heart of the waterfall. Feel the power of the water as it surrounds you from all sides, before heading up a stairway to look down from above on the mother of all waterfalls. You will go on a Macuco Safari tour through the jungle, and then get to a wonderful boat ride. In the jungle you will ride in an open jeep for about 3 kilometers, accompanied by a guide who will tell a lot of interesting things about the ecology of the region. Then you will go on foot to the banks of the Iguazu River, from where they will take you by motor boat close to the waterfalls. You are expected by splashes and rainbows, the sea of delight and unique photos. At the end of the tour, your guide will drop you off at your hotel.
Day 10. Foz do Iguacu- Porto Аlerge
Breakfast at the hotel. Transfer to the airport for your flight to Porto Alegre . Upon arrival, transfer to the hotel Sheraton Porto Alegre.
Day 11. Betu Goncalves
Breakfast at the hotel. Transfer to the airport. On a helicopter you will fly to Betu Goncalves (wine estates’ region). A guided tour in the wineries with tasting and lunch. Accommodation in the luxury SPA do Vinho.
Day 12. Cambara do Sul
Helicopter flight to Cambara do Sul. Cambará do Sul is a frontier town built on cattle ranching with an authentic gaúcho aura. Located 186km northeast of Porto Alegre, it serves as a base for both Parque Nacional de Aparados da Serra and Parque Nacional da Serra Geral, the national parks that are described as the ‘Brazilian Grand Canyon, where the canyons of Itaimbezinho and Fortaleza are located, this place attracts visitors who are searching for unforgettable experiences. Transfer to the entrance to the National Park. Today you will have some simple trekking inside the parks, and you can watch the canyons from the best observing decks. You will fly above the canyons of Rio Grande do Sul in a helicopter: Itaimbezinho and Fortaleza and other canyons. You will admire waterfalls, stunningly beautiful landscapes which can be seen from the sky. After an unforgettable flight at the edge of the canyon you will have a romantic picnic and enjoy fresh juicy fruits, famous chocolate from Gramadu and adorable wine. Don’t miss the opportunity to take unique photos! Transfer to the hotel Parador Casa da Montanha.
Day 13. Porto Alegre
Transfer by helicopter to Porto Alegre Airport. Flight to Rio or Sao Paulo for your international flight.
The price of the program includes:
➢Accommodation at hotels according to the programs ➢Excursions with an English speaking guide ➢ Transfers with drivers ➢Local flights
The price does not include:
➢Optional excursions ➢Meal and drinks during the transfers

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Emotions of Brazil 2021


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