The capital of the department of Antioquia is undoubtedly one of the most vibrant and attractive cities in Latin America. That is why it is considered the second most important city in Colombia and is recognized across the continent as a place that attracts people due to its special beauty and to the diversity of activities offered to residents and foreigners.
There are so many reasons that make the capital of Antioquia unforgettable that we will only list some of the many reasons why people fall in love with Medellin.
• Natural beauty. Set within the Valley of Aburrá, Medellin is surrounded by towering mountains of the Colombian Western Mountain Range.
• Eternal Spring. With an altitude of 1,538 meters (5,046 feet) above sea level, the city has an average temperature of 22ºC (72º F).
• Small and Industrial. Although it was founded in 1616, Medellin remained a small town until the Colombian coffee boom. Today, it is the center of the country´s textile industry.
• Flowers and traditions. Every August, the city is festooned by the famous Feria de las Flores (Flower Festival), an event held since 1957, which pays tribute to the customs of Antioquia with music, dancing and cultural events.
• Friendly people. Hospitable, open and friendly are just a few words that describe the personality and character of the "paisas".
• Cosmopolitan spirit. Medellin is a modern city, with a rich and vibrant life; not in vain it has the largest collection of art by artist Fernando Botero. It also has a modern conventions center and amenities such as: restaurants, theaters, shopping centers and hotels just as any major capital of the world.

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