Petén is the biggest department of Guatemala. Its territorial extension is of 35,854 squared kilometers.
The municipality is the island of the city of Flores and it is also the starting point for different tourist attractions.
This department holds a unique historic value for its archaeological richness, its fauna, and its biosphere reserve. Its numerous archaeological sites make this region the most important one of the Mayan world.
Also, all the legends about one of the most amazing cultures of the world are born here. Its fascinating archaeological sites are surrounded by jungle. One of such sites is Tikal, which was declared Cultural Heritage of Humanity Site by UNESCO in 1979. Besides, there may be found Yaxhá, Ceibal, Aguateca, San Bartolo and El Mirador where the biggest pyramid, for the size of its base, of the Mayan world is found. Another interesting site is Uaxactún that had an astrologic observatory in one of the most important buildings of the area. These places were the scenery of the Mayan culture development.
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