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Favela, an enigmatic place that generates the curiosity of many tourists, a phenomenon that enchants by its diversity, revealing a unique colorless. Rio de Janeiro, unlike the other regions of the country, houses the same postcard. Our mix takes place in the same spaces: rich, poor, celebrities and personalities coexist with their differences under a charming nature. The city's geographical features, such as hills and urban mountains, were occupied by self-regulating communities with their own laws and traditions. These regions are nowadays barns of creativity and innovation, having in Carnival its greatest expression of cultural identity, a popular manifestation that breaks the barriers of creed, race, religion and sex.

Within a favela there are several bars, botecos, restaurants with typical foods, nightclubs and ecological walks with breathtaking views. Some of them attracted famous people, from Michael Jackson to Madonna, from Alicia Keys to Sylvester Stallone, leaving everyone in awe of the strength and energy of these incredible places. A favela is definitely a must see for anyone who really wants to get to know the real Rio de Janeiro and mix with the locals and their customs. An experience that will mark your life.

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Favela Tour


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