Tropical Islands – Pirate Attack!!

Walk on the tropical islands of Angra dos Reis. It is possible to fly from Rio by helicopter or go by minivan. By helicopter, the time will be about 30 minutes, by car about 3 hours (travel information from the guide). To feel in the tropical zone of the Earth, we offer a trip to the tropical islands. A complete separation from the metropolis: white sand, palm trees, an almost uninhabited island, snorkel, mask, flippers, colorful fish. The islands are located 70 km from the city. The trip will be unforgettable. Guests enjoy the stunning nature of Brazil, floating on the shallow waters of the island. Suddenly * another boat blocks the way ... These are pirates!!! The pirates board the ship and in an incendiary dance with musical accompaniment transform into beautiful mulattos who treat participants with tropical cocktails, followed by Brazilian dancing and swimming in the crystal clear blue waters of the ocean. Stop at one of the uninhabited islands for lunch. 

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Tropical Islands – Pirate Attack!!


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