Great adventures in Brazil 2021

Guaranteed Group tour 25.09-10.10


Joyful Rio de Janeiro – Dunes and Lagoons At the Lencois Maranhenses National Park – Wildlife and Safaris at the Pantanal-Rafting, snorkelling and caving in Bonito

 Greatest Waterfalls on Earth in Iguazu – Palmtrees Sun and Beach at the tropical Island

The cost of the programme in ½ Dbl -3675 U$/person

Sgl- 4982 U$/person

Day 1: 25.09/ Rio de Janeiro
Arrival at the international airport of Rio de Janeiro! A driver will be waiting for you at the airport to transfer you to your hotel. You can admire Rio de Janeiro ‘s green hills, blue sky, turquoise ocean, beautiful bays, and marvelous beaches. At nightfall magnificent Rio is lighted up by the lights of favelas, which are shimmering like precious stones that Brazil is so rich with! You will have a great time between the palm trees, sand and waves of the ocean! The most popular beaches - Copacabana, Ipanema and Leblon, are famous for their black and white tiled promenade. Numerous open cafes at the beach will offer you refreshing coconut water, freshly squeezed juices and other drinks. You can fully enjoy all of it as you have arrived in paradise, you are in Rio de Janeiro, one of the most beautiful and exotic cities in the world!
Day 2: 26.09/ Rio de Janeiro-Ilha Grande
Breakfast at the hotel. Transfer to the Paradise coast of Angra dos Reys (about 3,5 hrs from Rio) to cross the tropical green ocean passing by hundreds of small palmtree islands to the Isla Grande island. (by car and then boat). At the island. Our transferman meets you and takes you and your luggage to your beautiful little pousada (Brazilian small charming hotel usually run by the owner) Ilha Grande is a tropical island near Rio de Janeiro. Carfree, sand, tropical beaches (some of them classified as the most beautiful in the world) and transparent waters guarantee a delicious experience. This is real Paradise! (The movie “Twilight” was filmed at one of the local islands)
Day 3: 27.09/ Ilha Grande-Rio
Breakfast at your little pousada. Today we have a private boat to see the most of the beautiful beaches and islands of the Angra region. Wear your bikini and prepare to enjoy the ocean breeze and amazing beauty of the Green Coast nature! We stop at the most beautiful beaches of the region. We explore the blue lagoon of Ilha Grande with amazing clear and warm water and many fishes. After a swim here we cross the bay towards a beach with beautiful boulders in the ocean. Here quite often turtles have been sighted. The emerald sea and the scatterered tropical islands also host dolphins and other fish. We also visit two beautiful beaches with a small, cute church between them. At the last beach there is an amazing restaurant where we can enjoy some local delights (not included) before heading to the mainland and back to Rio by car.
Day 4: 28.09/ Rio de Janeiro
After breakfast we start our tour up the Corcovado Mountain. (4 hrs) We arrive at the station from where we cross the tropical Tijuca rainforest on our way up the Corcovado Mountain. Around us, the lush rainforest opens and we get a first glimps of the Crist statue on top of the mountain. 710 metres above sealevel the Christ statue embraces Rio de Janeiro. It was the Rio de Janeiro population that gathered the money to erect the statue in 1931. From the panoramic platforms we get a beautiful view of the city, the Niteroi bridge, Guanabara bay, the Botanical garden, Maracana stadium, Sugarloaf and much more. After the tour we are transferred to the airport. Flight to Sao Luis. Transfer to your hotel.
Day 5: 29.09/ São Luis-Barreirinhas
After breakfast we leave at 07:00 to Barreirinhas (4 hours drive). On the way we see various plantations or corn, wheat, bananas, cacao and more tropical plants and crops. Barreirinhas is a quite town at the Preguicas river. It is the gateway to the Lencois Maranhenses national park. The Lencois Maranhenses is a huge national park full of dunes and Lagoos. From March to September the lagoons fill with crystal clear water and create amazing outlandish landscapes. At 14:00 we leave by jeep to the Big Dunes (Lencois Grandes). Here we walk along the Blue Lake and Walk up the dunes. We can slide down the dunes directly into the blue lagoons and have a delicious swim. We stay until sunset to enjoy this spectacle of nature in the dunes. After the tour we return to Barreirinhas Where you can have a swim at the hotel pool or have a stroll trough the calm streets and choose a nice restaurant for your dinner by the riverside.
Day 6: 30.09/ Barreirinhas- São Luis
Breakfast at the hotel. At 8:30 we take a motorboat tour down the Preguicas river. Our first stop will be at Vassouras, also called “Small Lencois”. Here we can buy a resfreshing coconut water or take a picture with the monkeys, climb up the small dunes and enjoy the view or the swim. Also we can visit the fishermens village or climb up the 160 steps to the Preguicas lighthouse from where a wonderful view opens to the dunes, river, ocean and lush vegetation. After lunch tranfer to Sao Luis.
Day 7: 01.10/ São Luis Bonito
Breakfast at the hotel. At the determined time transfer to the airport and flight to Campo Grande. Transfer to Bonito (about 3,5 hrs). Bonito is one of the most exciting places for adventure and eco tourism. The nature is beautiful and virgin as in very few places in the world. In Bonito ancient forests neighbour with stalactive and stalagmite caves. Transparent rivers with amazing colored fish flow and then dissapear into the ground, just to emerge later inside amazing caves, or forming beautiful waterfalls. The experience to swim up to the wall of water in a waterfall and dive inside and then discover virgin caves with exotic plants hidden behind, is a once-in -a lifetime experience. Rafting a tire down waterfalls is a fun and exciting activity and enjoying the centenary tree canopies and zipline down into the river is amazing fun We will explore 8 waterfalls during our 4 hour hike of various types and sizes. Some of them are picturesque and quite, some host surprising caves behind the walls of water and some offer exciting opportunities to jump into the water from a 6m height platform. The last and strongest one is the waterfall of love! A basin with multicolored fishes and sun splarkling in the strong waterfall is a beautiful scenery chosen by many couples to celebrate their wedding (or marriage proposal ) here. Transfer to our hotel in Bonito.
Day 8: 02.10/ Bonito
Today we will snorkel with mask in the transparent Sucuri river. After putting on our wetsuits we will be brought to the start of the snorkelling adventure. Here we will snorkel down the river meeting amazing multi colored fish in transparent water. We raft down the waterfalls on inflatable tires!! We will put on special neophrene suites and taken to the beginning of the trail by jeep. Here we hike a little trail and arrive at the riverbed where we receive instructions about how to go down the rapids and waterfalls on the inflatable tire. The first waterfall is the most exciting. Will the tire turn in the water, or will you be able to hold on and stay on the tire? In case you do turn an experienced instructor will catch you and help you back onto your tire. We will conquer 3 rapids and 3 actual waterfalls on our way down the river. After this exciting adventure we will get up to the tree canopies to start our exciting treetop adventure. The tall tropical trees are connected by over 18 trails, cables and Other type of connections and obstacles, all located 15 metres from the ground. Also there are 2 ziplines one of which is a zipline ending in the Formoso river. The tour is completely equiped with all safety measures and climbing equipment, even in the water, Optionally you can order (to be payed additionally) Abismo Anhumas, (350 U$) this is your adventure into the center of the earth. You absail down a narrow passage the first 5 metres of the 72 metre abism, and here you find the cave opening up widely and yourself hanging high above an underground lake. Around you are stallactites and a beam or sunlight shining into the cave illuminating your adventure. All you can hear is the sound of waterdrops sliding down the stallactites and forming stallagmites below. We further rappel all the way down and land on a floating platform in the lake. Here we can snorkel in the lakes or use a little rubber boat to explore the translarent waters. This is a very exclusive place: Only 2 groups of 8 can get into the cave per day. Blue Lake Cave (130 U$) This cave leaves a lasting impression everyone visiting with its transparent deep blue water and amazing stallactites and stallagmites. The sunbeams hit the water creating a beautiful effect of various types of blue. This cave is among the largest flooded caves in the world. In 1992 an expedition of paleontologists found the rests of a sable tooth tiger and giant sloth that fell into the cave hundreds of thousands of years ago and were preserved by the calcium rich cave water.
Day 9: 03.10/ Bonito Pantanal
Breakfast at the hotel. Transfer to the Pantanal. Pantanal is located in the center of the South American Continent. This is a unique world conservation area located in Brazil. Wetland covered with dense flowering vegetation is the main landscape of the area. Here, lakes and rivers with crystal clear water provide shelter for the rarest specimens of birds and animals. Travelers stay in modern hotel-houses (Lodges), which provide complete comfort and convenience. Pantanal is a paradise for nature lovers, scientists, fishermen, photographers, and everyone wanting to experience nature, animals and birds. Most travellers will meet multi colores macaws ( blue or red), toucans, alligators, piranhas, ant eaters, capivaras and the lucky travellers even meet pumas and jaguars Here you will find peace, watching the life of birds and the huge size of butterflies, listening to the sounds of nature, dissolving in it. During your stay the following tours will be scheduled at the pousada; horse riding, boat rides, trekking, piranha fishing, birdwatching, photo safari and nocturnal viewing of caymans. Overnight at Pousada Aguape. (D)
Day 10: 04.10/ Pantanal
The above mentioned tours will be scheduled by the lodge according to the time of year and best experience for the clients. The tours are usually scheduled Early in the morning and late afternoon to have a bigger chance to meet and see animals. During your stay all tours and Full Board are included.
Day 11-12: 05-06.10/ Pantanal-Foz de Iguazu
Breakfast at the hotel. Transfer to Iguazu. Arrival at the next morning. Our driver will meet you and take you to the hotel. This is a free day for leisure and optional tours.
Day 13: 07.10/ Foz de Iguazu
An exciting program awaits you. You will go on an adventurous guided tour to visit the amazing falls from the Brazilian side. Foz de Iguacu Falls are located on the borders of Brazil, Argentina and Paraguay – there are over 260 large waterfalls, the widest on earth, tumbling down from the lazy Parana River. The Falls are located in the National Park that formed after a volcanic eruption, and the displacement of the earth plaques. The name Iguazu means "big water" in the local Indian dialect of the Tupi-Guarani tribe. The strongest waterfall is the "Gargante del Diablo" or "Devil's Throat" tumbling down 72 meters into the abyss. There are two circuits: the Upper and the Lower Circuit. The Upper circuit, a walk of 1,300 meters, provides a panoramic view above the waterfalls while the Lower Circuit brings you trough the Jungle to the impressive Garganta del Diablo fall after walking on the 1.000 mts. footbridge. Return to the hotel on the Brazilian side. The big adventure begins at the Macuco Safari entrance gates, located at kilometer 25 of the Cataratas Highway inside the Iguassu National Park, with embarkation in open jeep-towed wagons that permit an unobstructed view of the scenery along the trail. During the stretch of three kilometers through the jungle, multi-lingual guides point out examples of the flora and fauna of the Park. Orchids, palm trees, bromeliads, centenaria trees, as well as wild animals that occasionally cross the trail are pointed out by the guides. The hike - The second stage, a stretch of 600 meters (optional), is a hike on a trail that leads to a waterfall baptized "Macuco Falls". The waterfall - perfect for a refreshing dip on days of intense heat - spills down from a height of approximately 20 meters. Access is via a stairway carved into the ancient rock. The last stop is the Macuco Safari docks on the Brazilian side of the Iguassu River. In the water, inflatable bi-motor boats, constructed to withstand the rigors of the excursion, are secure and efficient vessels. The boat travels up-river passing the canyon facing the rapids at a speed that permits the appreciation of the scenery. Rocks, animals and a lot of greenery completes the scenery until the base of the Falls is reached, next to the "great horseshoe" know as the "Devil's Throat". Waterfall shower - Rainbows, blue sky, mist and water in profusion, punctuate the spectacle that has as its high-point the area of the Falls baptized "The Three Musketeers". There the captain manuvers the boat in order to get close enough to provide the passengers with a quick and refreshing shower. Bird Park. Visit the Bird park where we enter huge cages where exotic birds fly freely around us. Tucans, macaws and many birds you have never even heard about can be found and met here personally. Expect the macaw Family to talk loundly to each Other and fly just over your head.
Day 14: 08.10/ Foz de Iguazu-Rio de Janeiro
Breakfast at the hotel. Transfer out and flight to Rio. Transfer to your hotel.
Day 15: 09.10/ Rio de Janeiro
After breakfast we will tour one the the biggest urban rainforests on earth by jeep. In 1961 Tijuca was proclaimed a national park. You will hear about the importance of the Mata Atlantica for this region and the balance between the rainforests and megapolis of Rio. A hike in the forest is included with a chance to see some animals and maybe get near a waterfall. During the stop at the Chinese viewpoint you can enjoy the view to the beaches of Copacabana, Ipanema, Guanabara Bay and Sugarloaf. In the afternoon today you will go to Praia Vermelha (the Red Beach) where you will start for a very special place in Rio with your guide, Sugarloaf. A cable car ride will take you up to Urca Mountain, the stop between ground level and Sugarloaf. Once arriving at the top of Sugarloaf mountain you will see the captivating beauty of Rio from a different angle. To your left you can see Copacabana beach stretching out into the distance, and on the horizon the faint outlines of Two Brothers and Gávea mountains. Below you is the intimate Red Beach, while to your right you can see across Guanabara Bay to Niterói and, nearer by, Botafogo and central neighborhoods, with the unmistakable silhouette of Christ the Redeemer casting its eternal gaze over the city. From this point we gain a different perspective on Rio, and can truly appreciate its beauty. After descending the mountain by cablecar, you will head into the Historical Center with its colonial architecture including many old churches still in use. The cobbled streets and bright colours are a stark contrast to the whitewashed, sunsoaked streets of Ipanema but in many ways are part of the authentic, nearly-forgotten historical Rio, and one can almost feel the hustle and bustle of hundreds of years ago when these streets were filled with merchants and citizens of the Portuguese Empire, locals, immigrants etc
Day 16: 10.10/ Rio de Janeiro
Breakfast. Transfer to the airport of Rio de Janeiro for your outbound flight.
The program includes:
 Stay at 4 * hotels according to the route and 5* in Iguazu-Rio de Janeiro Americas Copacabana 4* BB, Ilha Grande Pousada Girassol 4*, Sao Luis Luzeiros 4* BB, Barreirinhas Porto preguicas Resort 5* BB, Bonito Arte da Natureza 4* BB, Aguape Pousada Pantanal 4* BB, Iguazu Mabu Termas Resort 5* BB, Americas Copacabana 4* BB  Tours with na english speaking guide (except Lencois Maranhenses and the instructors in Bonito)  Transfers with drivers
The progam does not include:
 Extra tours (mentioned as extra in the description)  Internal flights (at this moment 800 U$ per person)  Food and drinks except breakfasts and during transfers and flights
*The incoming operator reserves the right to change hotel to similar ones *The operator reserves the right to change the order of the tours *The operators is not liable for lost breakfast at hotels because of the tour logistics

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Great adventures in Brazil 2021


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