Bright Mysterious Cuba 2021

10 days / 9 nights

Don't miss the chance to see and appreciate all the highlights of vibrant, vibrant Havana and enjoy a great seaside getaway in Varadero!


The cost of the program for 1 person when staying in DBL:


$ 2950 USD

Day 1. Friday 20/03 Havana
A special reception at the Havana airport by our staff, assisting clients with both the migration check and the collection of their suitcases, and then a private transfer with guide to the Saratoga Hotel in Havana. Accommodation in a Prado suite.
Day 2. Saturday 21/03 Havana
From 09:00 hours, a guided tour of Villa San Cristobal de La Havana begins, its historic center, a World Heritage Site, and its architectural and cultural values. Exclusive tour to the Castillo del Morro fortress with a wonderful view of the city. Castillo del Moro Fortress is a unique defensive fort located in the bay of Santiago de Cuba. Fort San Pedro is located at an altitude of 60 meters on an impregnable promontory 10 kilometers southwest of the city. The next stop will be the San Isidro arts district, which is one of the streets of the “slum”. This part of the city has gained popularity among artists of all genres, and especially the so-called urban art. Here you can admire graffiti on every corner, and the La Ceiba Park hosts concerts with famous artists. The tour continues along the main avenues of the center, you will be able to appreciate the buildings or cultural centers of the city: the Museum of the Revolution, the Capitol, the Museum of Fine Arts, the tobacco factory. Stop at Piazza San Francisco de Assisi for a walking tour that takes you through the history and traditions of a villa that is 500 years old. You will also visit: Roma Museum, art galleries, Bodeguita del Medio, Havana Cathedral. Our guide will explain all the details and styles that distinguish the city. Lunch will be in the historical center, in a restaurant that the guide will offer (paid directly on the spot by tourists). After lunch, drive to the home of Jose Fuster's workshop, the so-called "Fusterlandia" in the Haimanitas area on the northwestern outskirts of the Cuban capital, where large colorful mosaics and whimsical sculptures cover houses and gardens, transforming the humble Haimanitas area into a center for art and creativity. Return to the Vedado area and visit the modern area of the city through its 5th and most elegant and modern residential area, Miramar. The area was home to the luxurious residences of Havana's most distinguished and powerful families, as well as Catholic churches and sports grounds that are still in use today. Already in Vedado you will see Revolution Square, the main government buildings and other important buildings in this part of the city. Final stop at the National Hotel for a Cuban cocktail on the upper terrace overlooking the sea. Return to the hotel. At 19.00, meet at the hotel lobby for a panoramic evening drive in a vintage car in Havana guide. The final stop is a restaurant next to the hotel (paid by tourists). After completion, return to the hotel on foot.
Day 3. Sunday 22/03 Havana-Varadero
Transfer with guide to the beautiful Varadero beach, famous for its fine sand and blue waters. Visit to the city of Matanzas called "Cuban Athens" - the city of bridges, located 103 km from the Cuban capital. Here you will visit the most famous places: the Triolet Pharmacy (French Pharmacy of Dr. Ernesto Triolet), opened in 1882 thanks to the contribution of the French doctor Ernest Triolet and the Cuban Juan Fermin Figueroa, which operated until 1964, when it became a museum and preserved all the original furniture and decor. The Sauto Theater, located in Vigia Square, in the Central District of Matanzas, which opened on April 6, 1863, is considered the oldest in the country and the original of its kind. It was built in 1863 by the Italian architect Diego Dell Aglio. In 2011, minor restoration work was carried out to mitigate the damage caused by time. Part of the stage was built over a swamp that existed on the banks of the San Juan River. The auditorium of the Sauto Theater has 775 seats and has a circular stage that, when raised, transforms the auditorium into a ballroom. The building was made following the canons of the neoclassical style, mainly dominated by two Greek orders: Ionian and Doric. Once inside, wherever your gaze falls, you will see Greek marble statues everywhere, and if you look up, you will find ceiling frescoes and muses as if sliding over them. The perfection of the building and its excellent acoustics make Sauto Theater a valuable instrument from which beautiful works of art emerge. 6 km from the center of Matanzas, ocean waves crash against the walls of the largest Spanish fortress in Latin America - San Severino. They began to build a powerful defensive structure at the same time as the city in order to protect it from pirate raids. The first stone in the foundation of the castle was laid at the end of the 17th century, but due to lack of funds it was possible to complete the work only in 1735. Less than 30 years later, during the attack of the British, the Spanish commander ordered to blow up the fort so that it would not fall into the hands of the invaders. Soon the fortress was reconstructed and turned into a prison, which operated until 1970. In the 18th century, slaves from Africa were kept in it, and later - Cuban rebels. You will also have a sightseeing tour of the fire barracks, the Junco Palace, the Narvaes river embankment and the Freedom Park, you will walk along the Lacret Morlo and La Panchita bridge. Next, drive to the famous Varadero beach, an iconic resort located on the Icacos Peninsula, with a length of 48 km of crystal clear water. Visit to the Hosone Park: The Hosone Park, whose name is derived from the initials Jose and Onelia, was established in 1930 by a private merchant, but was opened to the public 12 years later. Variegated birds and various animals live here, many tropical plants grow, landscaped ponds have been dug out where you can swim by boat. The park is a favorite vacation spot for local residents; there are four restaurants, a swimming pool, shooting range and barbecue areas. In the park, Jose built a tunnel under First Avenue, and it is still active. The tunnel originally opened onto the beach, but today it leads to the Varadero International Diving Center. Xanadu Mansion: Built in 1930, after French-American millionaire Alfred Irene Dupont bought 180 hectares of the Icacos Peninsula. He built the Xanadu Mansion, named after a poem by Samuel Taylor, as a holiday home during the winter months. To do this, he brought precious forests from Santiago de Cuba such as mahogany, cedar, sabica and jiki for roofs, doors, railings and columns, as well as Cuban, Italian and Spanish marble. Subsequently, the famous golf course in front of the house was created, which is used to this day in famous international tournaments. Lunch time at the restaurant (paid by tourists) The final stop is the Melia International Varadero hotel. All-inclusive accommodation in a premium room with sea view.
Days 4-9.23 / 03-28 / 03 Free time
Enjoy a great seaside getaway.
Day 10. Sunday 29/03
Private transfer without a guide from your hotel in Varadero to Havana Airport for your international flight home.
The cost of the program includes:
-Accommodation in hotels specified in the program or of the same category (in Havana on the basis of breakfast, in Varardero - on the "all inclusive" system) -All transfers according to the program -Excursions according to the program -Entrance fees to museums and historical sites

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Bright Mysterious Cuba 2021


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