Boat Tour at Gatun Lake & Hiking the Soberania Ntl Park
At 8.00AM you will be met in the lobby by an EcoCircuitos naturalist guide where you will
receive a detailed overview of their hiking and boat tour. Then you will have a 45 minute ride
along the scenic Gamboa Road to Pipeline Road or El Charco Trail located in the Soberania
National Park. Here you will have great chances to observe the unique ecology of the Canal
Agouti, Two-toed Sloth, White-throated Capuchin, Mantled Howler Monkey, White-nosed
Coati, Green and Brown Vine Snake, Central American Whiptail, Emerald Basilisk, Blue
Morpho Butterfly, Leaf-cutting Ant, Rhinoceros Beetle, Walking Stick, Litter Toad, Rufous
Motmot, Keel-billed Toucan, Green Parakeets, and Slated-tailed Trogon are just a few names
of animals that can be observed on this hike.
Trees: Wild Cashew Tree, Ear Monkey Tree, Silk Cotton Tree, Rubber Tree, Tropical palms,
epiphytes, orchids, fichus, different species of ferns and more.
Afterwards you will be welcome board in a local small boat in the Gatun Lake where you will
have the chance to cross partially the Panama Canal, visit small islands and see other types
of wildlife from your boat. Keep your eyes focused on the Spectacled Caiman, Green Iguana
in the tree tops, terrestrial turtles, Capuchin Monkeys, Two-toed Sloths, Ringed Kingfisher,
Gray-necked Wood-Rail, Great Egret, Purple Gallinule, an incredible amount of water plants
and other wildlife species. This boat ride is 1 hour approx. You will return to Panama City
approximately at 2.00PM.
Includes: Naturalist Guide, entrance fees to Soberania National Park, boat ride, private
ground transportation, snacks and beverages. Departure: 8.00AM
Duration: 6 hours

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Boat Tour at Gatun Lake & Hiking the Soberania Ntl Park


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