City Tour - Porto Alegre
Porto Alegre, the largest city in the south of Brazil, is the capital of the State Rio Grande do Sul, land of the Gauchos and churrasco. It is located on the eastern shore of Guaíba lake, where five rivers converge forming the Lagoa dos Patos, a huge navigable lagoon. The city was founded in 1742 by immigrants from the Azores. Since the 19th century, Porto Alegre has been receiving immigrants, particularly from Europe, which were of decisive importance, influencing architecture and cuisine, among other cultural aspects. Located at the junction of five rivers, it has become an important alluvial port as well as one of the major industrial and commercial cities of Brazil. Products of the rich agriculture and livestock such as soybeans, leather, canned food, meats, and rice are exported to several countries !

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City Tour - Porto Alegre


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