Aerial Tram
The Rain Forest Aerial Tram in Costa Rica provide tourists with a unique “bird's eye view” of some of the most spectacular tropical rainforest canopies in the world. For spectacular eco Costa Rica tours that provide a unique perspective above a tropical rainforest, visit the Rain Forest Aerial Tram. The modified ski lifts offer a bird's eye view of the rainforest canopy, which is home to an estimated 60 percent of rainforest species. The Rain Forest Aerial
Tram is located 50 minutes from the capital city of San Jose. During the 90-minute ride in a silent gondola that skims the rainforest floor and then soars above giant trees, our naturalist guides tell visitors about our eco-tourism activities, ecology and why saving the rainforest is so important for our country's future. Tour may be operated with or without lunch included

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Aerial Tram


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