We leave Salta and travel through the fertile Lerma Valley, today an important tobacco growing area, which was used in the 17th and 18th Centuries as winter pasture land for the mules and cattle which were to be taken to the mines of Alto Peru. All along this route you come across different settlements, such as Cerillos, La Merced, and El Carril, which form the nuclei for farming and ranching in the area. Near Coronel Moldes, the Cabra Corral Reservoir, an imposing hydroelectric complex wedged between hills of singular beauty, is an invitation to practice water sports. Before going up the gorge which leads to the valleys, it is worth stopping at the lonely village of Alemanía, whose long disused railway line seems to have plunged her into a never-ending slumber. As you carry on up the winding road along the banks of the Las Conchas River, you come across strange mountainous shapes made of brightly colored sandstone deposited in the Tertiary Period, some 60 million years ago. You will be amazed as you go into the Garganta del Diablo and the Anfiteatro, huge open cracks in the earth, where you can hear the perfect echo of any sound. Gradually the arid countryside is replaced by extensive vineyards, the sure sign that you are approaching Cafayate. The name of this city, which used to be an Indian settlement, means "Burial of griefs" (Drowning of sorrows) in Cacán. Cafayate awaits you, a land of sunshine and wine, with modern shops, a historic Cathedral with five naves, an archeological museum, and artists (craftsmen) in clay, wood and weaving. Visit the ancient wine cellars, which will make your soul drunk with the perfume of oak and torrontés (a unique variety of wine grape). Return to Salta from Cafayate.
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