Big Ice
To perform this unforgettable experience, we start from El Calafate to Puerto "Under the shadows". There take a boat to cross the Brazo Rico 15 minutes after landing on the opposite coast. The mountain guides will lead you closer to the glacier even to select the crampons and start crossing approximation.

The trail runs along the southern moraine of the glacier Perito Moreno, and in little more than an hour found a spectacular viewpoint where will access the ice.

Once on the glacier with crampons and harnesses, the world takes on a new perspective: blue lagoons, deep crevasses, huge sinks, magical caves, and the unique feeling of being in the center of the world's most amazing glacier. Always accompanied and instructed by expert guides, explore that with you for 4 hours over the glacier. During the tour the guides will help them better understand ice and its environment.

In addition, will have half an hour to snack on the white carpet and wonder in a place of unparalleled beauty.

Once in the dark, walk another hour to go back and take the boat to "civilization" after enjoying the most spectacular hiking ice ........ the hope of the world!!

a) Age: because this tour is physically demanding is only suitable for people aged 18 to 45 years old and having a good physical condition, considering that about 7 hours walking on ice and scree.
Not suitable for pregnant women.
b) Shoes: Any kind of sports shoes (if possible with laces) eg. Trekking boots, slippers. Wear thick socks, preferably wool or cotton. No pets rubber boots, apres ski or high heels for women. -
c) Clothing: Sporty (long trousers for both sexes). It is convenient to carry, shirt, sweater, fleece, etc.. and windbreaker jacket and / or waterproof. Sunglasses, sunscreen and gloves (very important). Also hat for sun or cold weather coat. Backpack 40lts about. -
d) Lunch: not included - every passenger brings their own lunch.
e) Smoking: Smoking is prohibited during the course of the entire trip, either on the boat, in the woods, on the ice or in the shelter.

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Big Ice


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