Bogotá – Armenia “Triangulo del café”- Cartagena- Santa Marta – Lost City “Ciudad Perdida”
Bogotá – Armenia “Triangulo del café”- Cartagena- Santa Marta – Lost City “Ciudad Perdida”
14D/ 13N
Day 1.BOGOTA- City Tour.
Receiving at the El Dorado International Airport (or airlift) and transfer hotel. After then Start a sightseeing tour of this area, by the Historical down tow, La candelaria, historical neighborhood of city. Entrie to the Gold Museum (Closed on Mondays), with more than 53,000 pieces of pre-and goldsmith, in addition to the panoramic First Cathedral, La Casa de Narino, Lievano Palace, the Palace of Justic, at the afternoon return to hotel.
Day 2. BOGOTA.
Breakfast at hotel. Then will start tour to visit Zipaquira and Guatavita, The first place will be Guatavita Lagoon, Toward to Northeast of Bogota just to 75 kilometers, on the North motorway is found the Guatavita town, the lagoon has the same name, has a historic and recognized legend “el dorado”, it´s great Indigenous past, then will take a tipical lunch and continue the row to the Salt Cathedral of Zipaquira, one of the most content-richness tourist sightseeing with a great architectural, archaeological and cultural as they are; Salt Cathedral built in the architectural Socavón of a salt mine 180. Meters of depth; Chapel Diocesan Colombia declared a National Monument and other sites of interest. Tour Includes: Private transportation, entrance to the Cathedral, Guatavita Lagoon and Guide and typical lunch, at the afternoon return to hotel.
Day 3. BOGOTA.
Breakfast at the hotel. Around 8:00 am, our guide will meet you at the hotel and you go to the Villa de Leyva, you will enjoy a panoramic visit and museum entrance Acuña, Acuña known artist who worked with the technique Bachue he wroteallegorical paintings of pre-colonial era. Then on the way to Bogota, you will see a bridge Boyaca, where there was a battle, to free our territory from the Spanish rulers. Return to the hotel.
Breakfast at the hotel. According to the hour of flight, you will go toward the airport of Bogota; from there you take the flight to Armenia. Then we start to learn Café San Alberto, one of the best places in coffee production novel Colombia . St. Albert is born under privileged geographical conditions of his estateproducer located at 1,500 meters in the municipality of Buenavista. In the midst of coffee plantations and surrounded by a magical landscape , you will discover the magic behind the coffee the Quintuple Selection, enjoy a delicious coffee after meeting the growing location, selection, production, tasting laboratory, performing a dive in the fascinating world of high-end coffee . Winner of international awards. It was late in the afternoon return to Hotel.
Day 5.TRIANGULO DEL CAFÉ- Salento y Valle del Cocora.
Salento and Cocora Valley. Departure from the hotel very early to start Eco tour to the Cocora Valley located in the department of Quindio. On the way you can see the beautiful landscape. Once you reach the Valley, there will be a cocktail reception (Canelazo) and assistance by an expert guide , The Forest of fog where you can meet appreciate the diversity of fauna and flora. Back from the walk in the river crossing Quindio, ecological path of highest wax palm. He will also tour Salento, street crafts, CocoraValley , is Typical will taste the regional food during lunch. At the afternoon return to hotel. According to the hour of flight, you will go toward the airport of Armenia; from there you take the flight to Cartagena. Receiving in the airport of Cartagena and transfer to Hotel.
Day 6.CARTAGENA- City Tour
Breakfast at Hotel. At the afternoon Departure for to begin the sightseeing Tour, by the principal neighborhood of city: Bocagrande, Castillo Grande, Manga, visit to Popa convent, visit to San Felipe Castle, arrival to “walled center”, Panoramic visit India Catalina, vaults, return to Hotel. At the night Party in Chiva Fun night panoramic tour of the city of Cartagena with music and national rum bar aboard a typical fun and colorful wooden bus. Three hours of joyful tour with live music entertainment in the main streets and avenues of Bocagrande, Clock Tower, Camellón Martyrs, The Arsenal and Barrio Manga. In the walled center will have the opportunity to taste the traditional and typical fried Cartagena.A stop at the bastion of Santa Clara allow them to enjoy the magical spell of the typical Vallenato music. Return to the hotel.
Breakfast in Hotel. At the morning begin the tour to Rosary Island, starts at 8:30 hours, a full day in the islands for to enjoy of its clean waters, and could to do diving with tank (additional cost). In the dock of "los pegasos" will on board speed boat, with panoramic tour at the Bay of Cartagena and Bocachica, where you could look up a beauty landscape with the strong the San fernando and San jose. Along the Island Baru, you will arrive to the base island, at the Rosary island. Free time to enjoy of the sea and the facilities. At the afternoon return to Hotel.
Breakfast at Hotel.At 9:00 will depart for the city of Santa Marta on a journey lasting approximately 3 hours, arrival at Hotel and Check in.
Day 9. SANTA MARTA-Tairona Natural Park:
Trekking Reef: Walking addressed between woods and beaches: Canaveral-coral reefs-natural pool-cabo San Juan. The plan includes: land transportation, entries and guided service. Time: 8:00 am. Duration: full day. The plan includes: Transportation and guide. Advices: shoes and clothes light to walk, cap, swimsuit, sun cream, snacks with high calories, repulsive midge, hydrating beverages. Don’t bring glass containers. Follow the guide instructions.
Breakfast at the hotel at 09:00 will start the tour which objetvo s know Ciudad Perdida After 2 hours we reach the village called Machete Pelao for lunch. Subsequently a hike of 7.6 Km is begin until the first camp where an overnight stay. There will also be a stop at a crystalline river to take a dip. Some people complete the walk in 3 hours, others 5, depends on the condition. Overnight, the Indian guide will talk about the customs and history of the people and the region.
After breakfast a hike of about 7.3 Km yourself the cabin starts 1 to the indigenous community of Muteyzhi. This tour takes from 3-5 hours. In Muteyzhi have the opportunity to interact with some different indigenous guides and an hour later it will be coming to the cabin 2, where, among other activities, we can enjoy the river. In the evening hours the guide will tell stories and traditions of its people.
After breakfast you will start a walk of 7.2 km up to the cabin 3. At a height of 830 meters, here is Teizhuna feet, the sacred city of the Tayrona. On this tour much of the fauna and flora of the Sierra Nevada de Santa Marta is appreciated. In the afternoon you can and take a bath in the river. At night the guide will tell you more about Lost City and its sacred meaning for the Indians of the Sierra.
After breakfast you will depart at 7:00 am to Lost City. To reach the holy city is required to climb 1200 steps placed there by the ancient Tayrona. After about an hour he was coming to town and various sacred sites known. There, Mamo (Indian spiritual leader) will sacred stories and give advice for life. At 11:00 he will return to the lodge for lunch. Subsequently the decline will start to Cabin 2 where an overnight stay.
After breakfast, you will depart for Machete Pelao where they will be waiting for the car to take us back to Santa Marta. Before reaching Machete Pelao will visit a small natural waterfall. By 4:00 pm it will be coming to the City of Santa Marta, to take flight to Bogota.
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Bogotá – Armenia “Triangulo del café”- Cartagena- Santa Marta – Lost City “Ciudad Perdida”


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