Chan Chan
The visit begins with the Arco Iris Temple, also known as «Huaca El Dragon» , built by the Chimu culture between the 11th and the 15th century and surrounded by a 6 meters high wall. The small museum placed there will help you to discover the different kinds of architectonical Moche and Chimu works. You are also going to benefit from a fantastic sun and light. After that, we’re going to visit the imposing architectonic complex of Chan Chan extended over more than 18 km2. The Tschudi Palace, placed in the southwest of Chan Chan, is one of the most well-preserved and well-decorated palaces. It is decorated with geometric shapes and low-relieves animal draws. We’ll also visit the ceremonial places, the grain stores and the cemetery. Then Huanchaco will be waiting for us,it’s a small city of fishermen where the traditional boats - the «caballitos de totora» - made of reeds still being used.

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Chan Chan


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