Santa Rosa National Park
Santa Rosa preserves the most important sample of protected dry forest in Central America.
The park is important for the protection and restoration of habitats of the climatic region called Dry Pacific (Pacífico seco). Nancite and Naranjo beaches are beautiful, peaceful and an important area on the Mesoamerican Pacific for the nesting of the ridley and leatherback sea turtles. Due to their ecological characteristics, its access is restricted. Visitors can also enjoy other beaches: Playa Blanca, Santa Elena Bay and El Hachal Bay.
Santa Rosa National Park is home of “La Casona”, where in 1856 the Costa Rican army defeated a group of filibusters who tried to conquer the Central American territory.

Tour includes: Transportation and tourist guide.

What to bring?: Camera, sunscreen lotion, sandals, hat or cap, swimsuit. Shorts, t-shirt or confortable cloths. Insect repellent.

Duration: Around 4 hours
Basic level

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Santa Rosa National Park


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