Jeep Tour Santa Teresa Bohemian Quarter and Corcovado
During this tour we visit Sta.Teresa, a traditional district with a mild climate and big houses from the beginning of the century, built mainly by English railroad managers. In our days, it became an art center with lots of craftsmanship galleries and painters. The way into Santa Teresa is over the Lapa Arches (this used to be an aquaduct that would bring the water into the city centre) by taking a little tram over the arches.
After that you visit Corcovado Christ. The guide takes you to the bottom of the Corcovado Mountain. Here you board the little train that takes you trough tropical rainforest, passing tropical trees and exotic fruits. A short walk from the final station you find yourself at the foot of impressive Christ the Redeemer (Cristo Redentor).
Enjoy the spectacular views over Rio de Janeiro.

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Jeep Tour Santa Teresa Bohemian Quarter and Corcovado


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