Panama City & Rainforest Tour
At 6.00 AM you will head to the Metropolitan Natural Park and you will enjoy birdwatching on a
short nature trail. Afterwards, you will be visiting Panama La Vieja, the first city founded on
the isthmus by the Spanish at the beginning of the colonization. The remaining ruins are the
vestiges of the city left by Pirate Henry Morgan, who sacked the town in 1671. You will have
the opportunity shop for souvenirs near the ruins. Then, we head for the second colonial city
of Panama, Casco Antiguo, which was built in 1673. Here we will walk the French Plaza and
surrounding area. The architecture here includes colonial styles of the French, Italian,
American and Spanish.

Includes: Naturalist Guide, entrance fees to Metropolitan Natural Park and private ground
Duration: 4 hours

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Panama City & Rainforest Tour


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