Tour Mega Authentic
The Mega Authentic Tour is the perfect blend of nature, culture, ethnicity, and adventure, and is full of authentic activities in each region.
Day 1 - Welcome to Colombia
Arrival at El Dorado Airport from where you move to the hotel. After settling at the hotel we go to the hill of Monserrate (via cable car) where you will enjoy a panoramic view of the city at dusk, have a “canelazo”, a typical drink from the region of Boyacá.
Day 2 - The natural face of Bogota
Early in the morning, we will give a short tour in the historical center of Bogota to learn more about the history. After a brief rest, we will leave the city and border it by delighting the eastern hills with spectacular scenery.
Day 3 - The Tatacoa Desert
Start our journey to the south of the country to meet the Tatacoa desert an incredible place in the Magdalena valley characterized by its unique formations and arid terrain where it is very easy to find fossils of millions of years ago. Trekking 2 hours.
Day 4 – San Agustín Arqueológico
Today we will learn more about pre-Colombian cultures of the region of Huila. We appreciate their art, forms of expression, and get to know their culture and beliefs further. After breakfast we will visit the Archaeological Park of San Agustin, a UNESCO heritage site. In the park you will find giant statues and sacred graves of our ancestors. We will walk around the 78 Acres with a regional guide who will explain all about these statues, rituals and culture. We will then visit the archaeological museum where we end our experience with ancient civilizations.
Day 5 - La Ciudad Blanca
Early in the Morning we will go horse riding to "The Plank" and "Chaquira", sites which are also very important for their archaeological findings. We will stop along the way to try el Guarapo, a traditional drink of the local inhabitants. In the afternoon we will continue our journey towards the white City of Popayan.
Day 6 - PNN Purace
In the morning we will point towards Purace National Nature Reserve where we will try to attract the Colombian national bird "El Condor". After appreciating this beautiful bird up close will continue our journey towards a wonderful and unique hot spring were we will appreciate its beauty. Enjoy this beautiful landscape and some other natural wonders of this region. In the Afternoon we return back to Popayan.
Day 7 - Silvia to Coffee Hacienda
We will pass by the municipality of Silvia, where we meet its friendly inhabitants. On Tuesdays once a week, there is an Indian market and we will be able to appreciate their culture still preserved through the years. In the afternoon we will continue our journey to Armenia, where we will stay in beautiful country estate-style accommodation middle in the Coffee triangle.
Day 8 - Wax Palms and Colombian Coffee
After our breakfast we will head south to Salento in the middle of the triangle of coffee. We will visit this beautiful town and we head towards the Cocora Valley where we will find a lot of wax palms, the national tree of Colombia. Here in the Valley of Cocora we will go horse riding through the valley and cloudy forest or just walking. After the lunch we will get to know everything about the coffee process in the coffee Hacienda!
Day 9 - Otun Quimbaya y Manizales
We will continue our journey north to reach the nature reserve where we Otun Quimbaya a short 2-hour trek in search of howler monkeys. We will continue our course towards the city of Manizales, where we will stay in a comfortable hotel in a nice area of the town.
Day 10 - PNN Los Nevados
Today after our breakfast we will depart early to Nevados National Park were we learn about the Colombian mountain ecosystem. We will make a tour by car of about 1 hour to reach the entrance of Los Nevados National Park where we begin our drive along the north side of it, surrounding the Nevado Del Ruiz and passing through the crater Olleta. The ones interested in walking can make a short walk of 1 hour to reach the snow limit in the mountain. We continue our journey to Medellin, the city of the eternal spring!
Day 11 - Colombian Pacific
Early in the morning we will be transferred to the Medellin airport where we catch our flight to the Colombian Pacific. Upon our arrival in Nuqui, we will be transfer by boat to our beautiful ECO LODGE in the middle of the jungle!
Day 12 - Walking through the jungle and bath in the Hot Springs
In the morning take a short hike to the waterfall of love, a beautiful hike through the jungle to reach this beautiful waterfall of fresh water. We will continue the trek to the birth of a beautiful hot springs in the middle of nature where you can relax and unwind in the midst of nature.
Day 13 - Free day to enjoy by yourself
Today is your day, where you decide what to do with your time in paradise.
Day 14 – Medellín to Rio Claro
Today we will take the flight back to the city of Medellin where we take our car and continue our journey by land to reach the natural reserve of Rio Claro, where we enjoy a beautiful Eco Lodge in the middle of a marble canyon and tropical forest.
Day 15 - Rio Claro
Today we will take the flight back to the city of Medellin where we take our car and continue our journey by land to reach the natural reserve of Rio Claro, where we enjoy a beautiful Eco Lodge in the middle of a marble canyon and tropical forest.
Day 16 - Cartagena
We will take flight in the morning to the beautiful and historic city of "Cartagena de Indias" where we will stay in a colonial house in the center of the walled city. In the afternoon, we will take a tour inside of the walled city on foot where we will know more about its history and attractions.
Day 17 - The Pirate Island
In the morning we will take a boat to the Pirate Island where you will have the pleasure of enjoying a day in a quiet Caribbean island with cocktail, fruit and all the delights of a beach paradise. Return in the afternoon in Cartagena de Indias.
Day 18 - Mangrove and Fishers
Today is a day dedicated to learn more about the Caribbean population. Visit the small fishing village and visit the home of one of them. He will show you how to weave their fishing nets and as are their customs and traditions. After a hearty lunch we will travel by canoe and visit the mangrove ecosystem and some gaps filled with birds and wildlife in the region.
Day 19 - Chicamocha Canyon y Barichara
We will take a flight in the morning heading to the city of Bucaramanga. From Bucaramanga embark on a beautiful journey to the one of the most beautiful colonial towns in the country named "BARICHARA" well known for its streets and colonial houses. On the way we will pass through the beautiful Chicamocha canyon in the middle of arid mountains.
Day 20 - Rest day in Santander
Today is a day to relax in the midst of colonial towns, traditional cuisine and friendly people.
Day 21 - The Tota Lake
Today we will continue our journey towards the highlands of Boyacá where we will discover a totally different world in the midst of the mountains. We will stay in a charming hotel overlooking the lake of Tota one of the most beautiful lakes in Latin America at an altitude of 3'100 meters above sea level. In the afternoon we could take a walk around the lake.
Day 22 – Monguí to Villa de Leyva
In the morning we visit one of the prettiest small villages located on top of a mountain. There we will walk 2 hours a historical path. After enjoying this magical place will continue to the next beautiful colonial town ranked as the most beautiful in Latin America. Arrive in the afternoon to Villa de Leyva, where we will stay in a cozy colonial hotel.
Day 23 - Archaeological Villa de Leyva
We will make an archaeological journey in the surrounding of Villa de Leyva. Villa de Leyva was thousands of years ago part of the ocean and today we could find thousand of animals fossilized in this arid land. If we look around while we are walking, we will find fossils of all kinds but mostly AMMONITES, which were predatory creatures like the squid for about 240 million years.
Day 24 - Natural Villa de Leyva
Prepare today for a beautiful and challenging hike through a natural landscape. We will trek for 7 hours. Enjoy during the journey from the beginning of the great diversity of vegetation ranging anger as we ascend.
Day 25 - Hot Springs and Back Home
In the morning we will visit the village of Ráquira, known for its colorful houses and their handcrafts in clay which are presented in the door of every house. We will continue our journey to reach one spectacular hot spring rich in minerals and surrounded by a natural forest environment. Enjoy a thermal bath and renewed your energy for the trip back home. In the afternoon we catch the flight back home.
Included in the price
• Private transportation by land and sea • Permanent guide and local guide on the Caribbean coast • Overnight in cute and cozy accommodations of the highest quality • Breakfast • All meals on the days mentioned in the program • All activities mentioned • Equipment necessary for the development of activities • Domestic flights
Not Included in the price
• International Flights and insurance • Airport taxes or port • Tips • Meals and drinks not mentioned • Optional excursions
Extension to the Eastern Plains and the Macarena Natural Reserve
Extension to the Eastern Plains and the Macarena Natural Reserve Colombia Starting from $ 805 This great journey culminates with an amazing trip to the Sierra de la Macarena, rock formations of thousands of years ago where we find an amazing and unique biodiversity of fauna and flora. Delight in knowing the world’s most beautiful river as Caño Cristales the river of the 5 brightest colors; purple, green, yellow, blue and black. Includes: • Local guide • All meals • Transportation • Accommodations in lodges or camps • Mules and baggage handlers • Guide translator if necessary

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