Delta del Tigre Tour
Watching the Delta means appreciating the generosity of nature in this singular place of the world, which could never be invisible to your eyes.
You will leave Buenos Aires city, heading for this natural scenery and will sail along the Delta and its islands. The life of the "isleños" (people who live on the islands of the Delta) is very special. You will get to know their customs, culture and ways of life.
After the navigation, you will see the elegant residences located in the residential neighbourhoods of the northern suburbs. You will visit San Isidro neighbourhood, and get to know its history and people.
On the way back to Buenos Aires city, you will pass by the Presidential Residence (Quinta de Olivos).
Once back in Buenos Aires, you´ll have lunch at one of the most distinguished restaurants in Puerto Madero where you could try different cuts of meat and taste the biggest variety of starters,garnishes and desserts. All this in a unique place with an outstanding service.
Drinks and the return to the hotel will be on behalf of our dear Tourist.

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Delta del Tigre Tour


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