Swimming with pink dolphins
One of the most rewarding activities that you can do in Brazil is to swim with dolphins. Getting so close to such wonderful, friendly aquatic life is a special moment for those who take part, and usually one of the most memorable moments of even the longest visit to Brazil.
Don't miss the chance to swim with pink dolphins n the Amazon area around Manaus. The Amazon River System is full of freshwater dolphins .
Swimming with Amazon River Dolphins is best done as part of a visit to an Amazon Lodge along the shores of the river. Reputable lodges always include local expert guides with their trips to see the dolphins.
During the excursion yuo can not only feed the dolphins but also take photos with them .
After swimmimg you will enjoy walking along the river in Amazon area and admire the wild beauty of the jungle.
Transfer from Manaus
Duration of the excursion: 4 hours
From 2 pax
Group Services
Group Price 250.0000
Group Tour Remarks from 2 pax

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Swimming with pink dolphins


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