About Us


There are so many incredible places in Latin America! From the broadest Waterfalls on earth, The Christ statue hovering above Rio to Glaciers in Patagonia, and the unique whiteness of the Uyuni salt flats. Let your journey be a journey of discovery of the world outside and inside yourself! Come back renewed, motivated, inspired and just happy and balanced! Your new ideas will lead to create anything you wish in your life!

Meet new people!

We believe cultural interaction enriches us as human beings. For us, our (life's) mission is to enhance this exchange and to see, show and live the maximum of this beautiful planet we live on! 
This is why who starts off as our customer or partner soon becomes our friend! And who can better organize the perfect holiday then your friends? 

Your unique experience!

Our professional travel advisors have travelling and living experience in all our destinations and are specialists in the area. Our sales managers constantly travel to all our destinations and regularly visit our clients to give first-hand information on our destinations and answer all possible questions that may arise. 
Our motto is to create friendships, to bring together people that live on different ends of the planet, to provide them unforgettable experiences of a lifetime and a chance not only to get to know each other's cultures, but to LIVE each other's cultures. 

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