Tour to Damas Island
This adventure of Costa Rican natural history – it’s exotic flora and fauna - is highly recommended for any naturalist, of any age, who wants to experience first hand the pulse of the mangrove ecosystem and how it interacts with the international ecosystem.
Experience curious families of monkeys as they migrate across the mangrove ecosystem – which includes your boat – in search of food and adventure. Discover the secret ways different exotic trees of Costa Rica replenish the environment worldwide, yet sustain themselves for decades of growth.
Wind through acres of a protected, pristine Costa Rican estuary as your experienced guides educate you on the secrets – both past and present – of the mangrove eco-structure so vital to Costa Rica and the world as well.
Do not forget to point out the caimans, sloths, crocodiles, stunning rainbow boas, white face monkeys, egrets, and so many more species of wildlife, as your boat leisurely winds its way through the mangrove channels along the gentle currents of the coastal tides. And finally, end your adventure with a relaxing yet rewarding meal in a typical Costa Rican restaurant before you return to your hotel in Quepos or Manuel Antonio.

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Tour to Damas Island


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