Uruguay, Argentina and Patagonia 2020

16 Days / 15 Nights

Montevideo – Buenos Aires - El Calafate – Ushuaia

Day 1: Montevideo
Transfer from the airport to your hotel with private service.
Day 2: Montevideo
City Tour of Montevideo This tour covers the most important points of the city, the old city and New town, and the residential areas.Within the old town visiting: la Plaza Independencia, where you can see the ancient Puerta de la Ciudadela because Montevideo used to be a fortified city; then we will go through la Plaza Matriz to visit la Catedral de Montevideo, el Cabildo, la Plaza Zabala and el Teatro Solis, all these historical places of our city. After continuing to Palacio Salvo, one of the landmarks of our city, la Plaza del entrevero, continuing into el Palacio Legislativo, where the uruguyan parliament meets.The tour continues by visiting the following residential areas: el prado, with its ancient history, where you can find la Casa de Gobierno, the Batlle Park, which runs through the Centenario Soccer Stadium, el Monumento a La Carreta; continuing on the residential areas of Carrasco and Pocitos. Finally we go back to Montevideo Down Town by the river coast.
Day 3: Montevideo
Full Day Punta Del Este Morning departure from Montevideo along the Naciones Unidas Rambla (boulevard) and the Interbalnearia route until we will reach Piriápolis, a European-style spa where the Argentino Hotel and the surrounding hills stand out. Ascent to Cerro San Antonio from where we will have the best view of the place. Then we will continue to Casapueblo (Fee Not Included). A work of architectural art residence of the great artist Carlos Paéz Vilaró and currently Museum and Art Gallery. From there we will have a majestic view of Punta Ballena and Portezuelo. We will continue to the Barra de Maldonado crossing its wavy bridge and we will return to the peninsula by the beachfront of Playa Brava. Free time for lunch (Not included) and personal activities in the area of the port and center of the peninsula. Return to Montevideo. Stops: * Cerro San Antonio (Piriápolis) * Casapueblo (Fee Entrance Not Included) * Wavy Bridge * Residential neighborhoods * Playa Mansa * Playa Brava Lunch not included
Day 4: Montevideo – Buenos Aires
Full Day Colonia del Sacramento Our story begins journey to visit the typical villages of New Helvetia Swiss Colony and knowing the Hotel Nirvana , Founders Square , Shrine of Our Lady of Schoenstatt. Prosecution to reach Colonia del Sacramento ( a UNESCO World Heritage Historic Site) . Cologne was founded by the Portuguese Empire over 300 years ago and was the " apple of discord between Portugal and Spain until 1777 when the Treaty of San Ildefonso leave Cologne in the hands of the Kingdom of Spain . Visit the Street of Sighs , the Church of the Blessed Sacrament , Bastion San Pedro , Powder , Faro , Spanish and Portuguese Museums Tile Museum etc . (income not included). Rambla Costanera will visit also , Real de San Carlos with his old Plaza de Toros , the Church of San Benito , Port. Return to center and free time to explore the Old Quarter and its picturesque streets Lunch (optional) . At night, transfer out to the airport for flight to Buenos Aires. Upon arrival, transfer in to your hotel.
Day 5 & 6: Buenos Aires
Free Days to enjoy the New Year in Buenos Aires!
Day 7: Buenos Aires
Tigre Delta Tour We will leave Buenos Aires heading for the town of Tigre, one hour away, where we will board a tourist boat to navigate along the Delta and its islands. The life of the isleños (people who live on the islands of the Delta) is very special. We will learn about their customs, culture and ways of life. On the way back to Buenos Aires we will drive by the elegant residences of the rich, located in the northern suburbs, and the San Isidro neighborhood. Additionally, you will also get a glimpse of the Presidential Residence (Quinta de Olivos) as we drive by it. In the afternoon you will have some free time. At night, we will have dinner and enjoy a tango show at Tango Porteño. Enjoy the night of fun and elegance in a dazzling and spectacular tango hall. Let the luxurious, old theater take you away as you feel the grandeur of the theater the minute you walk through the door. To begin the evening, you will enjoy a three course meal of the highest quality Argentine cuisine. Your dinner will be completed with traditional Argentine wines, as well as soft drinks and purified water. As the show starts, travel through the glory days of tango as Tango Porteño recreates the golden age of the forties. A time known as the reign of tango. Enjoy a live performance by professional dancers, singers and musicians. The meticulous scenery and costumes at Tango Porteño create the ultimate framework for an unforgettable experience.
Day 8: Buenos Aires
Escape the city and go back to more simpler times with a Gaucho Party tour. Let us pick you up and transport you to an 'estancia' or ranch for a fun filled day. Once we arrive at the estancia, Santa Susana, we’ll have some time to get to know each other better with while indulging handmade empanadas. Afterwards, we will have some free time to discover the sights, explore the area, go horseback riding etc. You won’t have to worry about being hungry on this tour. After our free time we will be invited to take part in an 'asado', which is a traditional Argentinean barbeque. It includes both alcoholic and non-alcoholic drinks, and dessert with coffee or tea. After lunch we will go to a folkloric and a tango show. But the real show will start when the gauchos arrive and present their skills. They will demonstrate ring-races, horse mildness among many others.
Day 9: Buenos Aires – El Calafate
Private transfer from your hotel to the airport. Arrival at Calafate. Private transfer from Airport to your hotel. Rest and overnight.
Day 10: El Calafate
The tour guide will pick you up at your hotel in the morning for a full day tour on the Perito Moreno Glacier. On the way to the park, they will explain the importance of the glacier and share interesting details and facts about the park and Perito Moreno. Your first stop will be at a series of walkways for views of the glacier and to take photos. From there the bus will continue and you will get to see the amazing views and natural beauty that the park has to offer. You will get to walk along the walkways to see the glacier and watch as the chunks of ice break off and crash into the water. At the end of the day the bus will take you back to your hotel.
Day 11: El Calafate
Morning departure from the hotel in El Calafate to the Glaciers National Park. The tour starts at Puerto de la Bahia Bajo de las Sombras (Port), about 7 km/4.37 miles from the glacier viewpoint. We will cross over Lago Rico (a 20 minutes boat ride) arriving to a shelter where the Tour Guide will organize a 20 minutes’ walk up to the glacier. There we will be instructed on how to wear the grampones (mountaineering grapple shoes). We will walk about 2 hours on the glacier where we will see a variety of crevices, natural drains and small lagoons. The surface of the ice is irregular but firm and safe. Towards the end of the tour we will go back to the shelter walking through the exuberant Magallanico forest where lunch will be serve. After lunch we will return to the port and a special bus will be waiting for us to take us to the glacier viewpoint where we will have about one hour to enjoy the walkways before the way back to El Calafate. Important remarks a) Age: Because the effort degree and the difficulty of the tour, this one is not allowed for people over 65 years old, under 10 years old, pregnant woman and overweight persons or serious health problems b) Footwear: Any type of athletic shoes (with laces if it’s possible) Examples: Hiking boots or sneakers with thick socks (preferably wool or cotton). No rubber boots allowed, après ski or high heels for women. c) Appropriate Clothing: Sportswear (long trousers for both sexes). It is convenient to carry hoodies, shirt, sweater, polar fleece neck, windbreak jacket and/or waterproof jacket. Sunglasses, sunscreen and gloves (very important). Also a hat for the sun and the cold. d) Lunch: Not included. We recommend the passenger to take a box-lunch e) Smoking: Forbidden during the entire tour (either in the boat, in the woods, on the ice or in the shelter). Transfers and ticket Included National Park Fee Entrance Included
Day 12: El Calafate
The Full-day excursion to the world-renowned Torres del Paine National Park, allows visitors to visit a large part of the Park, through the different roads that surround the mountain massif and discover the beautiful landscapes of the Chilean Patagonia Austral, without having to go through the city of Puerto Natales first. The service is provided with last generation buses, expert drivers and bilingual tour guide enabled by the National Parks Administration of Chile. Departure from El Calafate (ARG) at 5:30 am from the hotel (within a radius of 3 km from the Bus Terminal). Around 10 am we will arrive to the frontier to complete the customs procedures. We will have a break at the chilean town of Cerro Castillo where we will be able to exchange money, have a traditional breakfast and talk with locals. Passengers will be transfer to smaller buses, in order to achieve group cohesion, greater interaction with the guide, the specialist who will accompany them on the journey and thus, maximize their experience in this special visit. At approximately 11 am the bus will return to the Park arriving at the first attraction at 11.40 am: Lake Sarmiento. There will be a brief stop to take the first pictures and enjoy the stunning scenery. The next stop will be at Laguna Amarga Lodge, around 12:30 pm. At this point we will paid the Fee Entrance of the Torres del Paine National Park (must be paid in chilean pesos). From this point the bus will take course towards Lake Nordenskjold, arriving around 1:00 pm. Here you can appreciate the aforementioned lake, a truly incredible water mirror and one of the attractions that highlight the Park: the imposing "Cuernos del Paine" (Paine Horns) Around 1:30 pm we will arrive at Pudeto to do a short trek to know the Salto Grande Waterfall and, on a second walk, we will arrive at the Mirador de los Cuernos. These 2 trekkings has a duration of 2 hours (approximate). A few minutes after 4 pm, the bus will arrive at the National Park Administration area and then to the Laguna Amarga area. At 6:00 pm we will arrive at Cerro Castillo returning to El Calafate at approximately 10:30 pm. Important Remarks : National Park Fee Entrance Included Box Lunch Not Included. Vacuum packed food is allowed (cereal bars, chips, cans, etc). Fresh food is forbidden.
Day 13: El Calafate – Ushuaia
Early transfer out for flight to Ushuaia. Upon arrival, meet with driver and transfer to the hotel. Departure from the hotel in minibus towards the national park, just to Ensenada Bay where we will enjoy beautiful views of the Beagle Channel and take a long walk along the coastal path, 7 kms. travel will allow us to meet varied flora and avifauna of the channel, as well as remnants of ancient Yamana settlements. After 3 hours of walking access the Lago Roca, hot lunch and begin repairing the canoe ride by the Lapataia river, the river brings us closer to our goal, the Bay Lapataia in the Beagle Channel, where culminates the Panamerican Highway and order National Route. No. 3. Return to Ushuaia in minibus. So if you're looking to discover nature in a small group and personalized attention in the company of a naturalist guide, do not miss this ecological experience! (Not combined with Tren del Fin del Mundo). Duration: Between 8/10 hours Hiking: 3 hours. Kayaking: 1:30 hours Development: Trekking / Canoeing Minimum Pax: 2 Food regime: Minced, chicken casserole or box lunch, fruit, sandwich cookies, drinks (wine, juice, tea). Includes: Transfers in mini bus and refreshment, a hot lunch and naturalist guide.
Day 14: Ushuaia
There are many fascinating natural areas such as the Lakes Escondido and Fagnano a little bit away from the city. Come with us and explore these beautiful regions on a fascinating tour. After leaving Ushuaia, we will travel through the peat bog covered valleys of the southernmost outstretches of the Fuegian Andes. We will start by crossing the sharply rising Andes at Garibaldi Pass (1,476 feet/450 meters), having spectacular views of the lakes Escondido and Fagnano. Then we are going down the mountain to Petrel hosteria beside Escondido Lake, for a little time to absorb the surroundings and their rustic charm. After some time, we will continue with a visit to the Martinez Sawmill along Lake Fagnano. This interesting sight provides a glimpse into local history. After enjoying the scenery of the lake, our final stop is in Las Cotorras Valley where we will indulge in a traditional Fueguian lamb barbecue (lunch is not included in the total price).
Day 15: Ushuaia
This tour is available only for groups then allows us to travel 85 km. National Route No. 3 and its complementary J reach the Estancia Harberton named the site in Devon, England, where he came from Mary Ann Varder, wife of Thomas Bridges. Ride: visit consists of a walk through the center occupying 5 hectares of the 200 who owns the site. The main house is a beautiful mansion of 28 meters wide and 9 meters wide, and are located around other complementary buildings like the warehouse where shearing, carpentry, stables, houses of workers and the famous Museum is made Bone Acatushún. The hull was imported in parts from England in the nineteenth century, and armed in Argentina. It is notable for being one of the oldest buildings in Tierra del Fuego. Right next to the town it is located a nature reserve that occupies about 5 hectares is cared for by a family. The Gable and Martillo islands are also part of this beautiful natural complex and there is located the colony of Magellanic penguins. Activity: The main activity of the farm was breeding sheep (currently not working), which can be seen during the organized outings. The visit is to explore the main town, the cemetery and the nature reserve has a path of botanical interpretation. Then you can take a boat to the island to visit the colony of this wonderful species of birds. The best way to conclude the tour is going through the cafeteria where you can taste some of the delicacies on offer there and also buy some of the souvenirs offered in the boutique.
Day 16: Ushuaia
Transfer out to the airport for flight to Buenos Aires (AEP). Transfer between airports to EZE for international flight.

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Uruguay, Argentina and Patagonia 2020


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