Mountain hike to Pico Duarte

4 days/ 3 nights

Climb the highest mountain in the Caribbean, a  one-of-a-kind adventure for all mountain lovers  and hikers. The Dominican Republic is the most  mountainous island of the larger Antilles. Four  mountain ranges cross the island from the

northwest to the southeast.

The "Cordillera  Central" is the largest with over 155 miles  length and 37 miles width.

The Pico Duarte with  its 3098 meters (10,127 feet) is the highest peak

of this mountain range and of the entire

Caribbean. During this mountain tour of several days, you discover a unique natural landscape  which presents itself in a fascinating manner, passing through several climate zones. Start hiking  through tropical landscapes, then advance into pine trees and denser forest. Walk along crystal  clear mountain rivers and eventually reach the rocky summit. A special hike in any case!

Prices   per person in USD according to arrival date incl. all taxes and fees.







1020 USD



1702 USD



765 USD


2 Doubles

660 USD




Day 1: Rancho Baiguate
A private transfer will pick you up in Santo Domingo and drive you to your Hotel Rancho Baiguate in Jarabacoa. You will have time to plan your hiking-trip starting the next day and perhaps even get to visit one of the surrounding waterfalls. Meals included: Lunch (depending on time of arrival), Dinner Accommodation: Rancho Baiguate***/Master Room
Day 2: Jarabacoa – La Comparticiуn
After breakfast a transfer will take you to la Cienaga where you will start your hike of about 18 kilometers that’s takes normally about 7 hours. You will cross the river Los Ruanos and walk through deep green forest. The path gets a little more challenging while passing La Laguna until you reach El Cruce. From here on it’s another 2.5 kilometers to the highest point of the day, which is 2.650 meters above the sea level. From here, the path follows the ridge for about 1.5 kilometers to the west, crossing the spring of “Aguita Fria”, which later on develops to the river Yaque del Sur. In the late afternoon you will arrive to the camp La Comparticion with its 2,450 meters of altitude. Included meals: Breakfast, lunch and dinner Accommodation: Shared mountain hut La Comparticiуn or comfort tent
Day 3: Pico Duarte – highest peak in the Caribbean – La Comparticiуn
After breakfast you will hike for about 2 hours until you reach the highest point of the Dominican Republic and the whole Caribbean: Pico Duarte! Spend some time on the peak to admire the beautiful landscape and enjoy a marvelous panoramic view. Around lunch, you will head back to the camp in la Comparticiуn where you will spend another night. Meals included: Breakfast, lunch, dinner Accommodation: Shared mountain hut La Comparticiуn or comfort tent
Day 4: La Comparticiуn – Rancho Baiguate
After breakfast you will start descending the 18 Km back down to the starting point of “La Cienaga”. From here you will be taken back to the Hotel Rancho Baiguate. Afterwards, a private transfer will take you back to Santo Domingo or for a surcharge to any other destination. Meals included: Breakfast
The price of the program includes:
- Private transfer from hotel in Santo Domingo to Jarabacoa on day 1, Return transfer to Santo Domingo on day 4 - Accommodation as mentioned in the program (Ranch, tents or in a shared mountain hut) - All meals mentioned in the program - transportation from Jarabacoa to La Cienega and back.
Included during the hike:
- One English speaking guide - Mules to carry the luggage - Equipment - Thermos for water - cooking and eating utensils - Entry to the park - Tents - Sleeping bags - Isolating sleeping pad Note: For the hike you need sturdy shoes, a poncho or rain jacket, a flashlight and warm clothes (at night it can drop to 0 degrees)
Additional Information
Recommended list of baggage to bring to Pico Duarte: Water bottle, small personal backpack, 1 plastic slicker, 2 sweatshirts, 1 flashlight, 1 set of batteries for the flashlight, 1 aluminum soup plate, 1 set of cutlery (spoon, knife, fork), 1 first aid kit (plasters, sticking plaster, Tylenol, etc.) (candy, mints, condensed milk, jam, crackers) Recommended apparel: 4 long pants, 2 shorts, 2 swimsuits, 4 shirts, 2 polo shirts, 5 underwear, 6 pair of socks, 2 bobble caps, 1 pair of trainers, 1 pair of boots, 1 pair of gloves, 2 thick coats, 1 wool cap, 1 bonnet Sanitary articles: Soap, toothpaste and toothbrush, towels, deodorant, comb, toilet paper Tuck the entire luggage in a large backpack or a bundle, not in a suitcase. To protect your clothes from rain and other weather conditions, squeeze your personal luggage in a large plastic bag before storing it in the backpack. Physical conditions required to climb the Pico Duarte: - Age 14 and older - Max. age 60 - Do not suffer from high blood pressure or any kind of heart disease - Do not suffer from diabetes and obesity - Do not suffer from asthma - Do not have or had problems with the spine - Do not be pregnant

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Mountain hike to Pico Duarte


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