Archipiélago de San Blas

Archipiélago de San Blas
The San Blas Islands are the number #1 vacation destination in Panama and probably in Central America. This is because the Islands are not yet discoverd by the massive tourism industry and are fully in control of the Kuna’s or Guna's, the native people living on the Islands of San Blas that form a community of proud people that have their own laws, norms and values that go with their culture, which is by the way totally different than the traditional Panamanian culture. The Kuna’s protect their lands against massive tourism and keep them healthy and beautiful. This makes the San Blas Islands of Panama unique if you are searching for untouched nature and culture. 
Imagine a turquoise archipelago with one island for every day of the year. With white sand and waving palms, these Caribbean islands cheat no one’s version of Paradise. You will sleep in eco-friendly accommodations made by the Guna’s Indians from natural materials which they found on the Islands and in the jungle. The most common way to get around in the San Blas archipelago is by sailing from island to island, but you can also book flights from Panama City to the airports located on El Porvenir, Playon Chico, Achutupu, Ogobsucum or Corazon de Jesus in San Blas. Driving to Guna Yala (San Blas) is also possible, you will have to take a 4×4 jeep from Panama City to Carti.

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